Welcome to the First Lutheran Confirmation Program!
Confirmation, also called Affirmation of Baptism, is an opportunity for people to state their belief in the Triune God. The confirmation program is intended to help students examine their faith, learn more about Christianity (in this case from the ELCA Lutheran perspective), and figure out what it means for them to participate in the world and in the church as confirmed Christians.
Students (with the help of parents, sponsors, and the congregation) decide whether or not to affirm their baptism in this manner. The congregation (including pastors) provides opportunities and encouragement. We expect those interested in affirming their baptism to participate fully in the opportunities available to them. The more the student participates, the more that student will learn and grow.
In order to acknowledge the efforts made by the students in the confirmation program, we have developed six Honor Awards. the six areas are: Participation, Confirmation Camp, Mentor Program, Knowledge, Worship Leadership, and Giving. Each area has a corresponding symbol. The students will receive a certificate indicating the areas they completed.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact the First Lutheran Church office at 228-2228.